On so many occasions, we tend to feel a dearth in our ideas and are confused about creating the right content and sharing it. After fumbling a lot and experimenting, here are some of the content creation ideas that can keep your train of thought as to the content flowing and write a piece that your audience desires.

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Make Use Of Your Analytics

An ideal way to know the preferences of your audience or what works in your favor is to use your analytics. Here social media analytics proves useful as it informs what’s working and the shortcomings. You may like to go through your best-performing posts and rewrite them. In this sequence, you can find the top Facebook posts of yours that are performing well, as well as your Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn by applying the corresponding native analytics. After you have located your leading posts by clicks, comments, Likes, and others, make an attempt to track the pattern in all of them. You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the common topic across all of them?
  • Whether the content is from a specific source – your post or different publications?
  • Are there any engaging comments left by the readers with regard to such posts?
  • Which performs better continuously – text, video, or pictures?

Take The Opinion Of Your Audience

Content Creation Ideas
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Another strategy that works is to seek the opinion of your audience. You can just post a query or a poll on your profile on social media. Like for instance,” What content you like to be shared by us?”
If you prefer questions, which have no “yes’ or “no” response, posting a question is always better. If you visualize the things which your audience prefers, you can form a poll and list some of the options. When you do not cater to the needs of your audience what follows is a poor rate of conversion. Quality content is needed which stands out and has to resonate with your readers and strike a chord with your influencers.

Such type of content requires consistent research. For writing quality content that is followed by your audience you have to keep track of social media, watch out for its trends, weak signals, and social tags. Try to know your consumers as their notes on customer service like comments and grievances can be knowledgable. To ignite the interest of your consumers you have to dive into their mindset. Locate product areas or facilities which you require to address and any queries you have to answer.

Keep Track Of Your Competitors

The competitive analysis offers powerful hints of things that actually work. Try to monitor what draws the audience of your competitors as this will help you to forecast in a better way what engages your audience.
A content audit of your competitor offers you an overall perspective on things that are working in your sector and industry, details you can apply to upgrade your marketing planning and SEO.
You can record best practices, find out the kind of content which has a higher chance to get shared and recognize influential bloggers and influencers within social media.

How To Create Engaging Content For Your Blogging Website

Perform Keyword Research Diligently

Do away with keyword optimization, stuffing your content with long-tail keywords and various strange words that seemed to work. No longer is it effective, but it may strongly impact your ranking in the search crawlers. This does not hint at your stopping indulging in keyword research. After all, keywords do indicate what is circulating in people’s discussion, their response, and sharing. Rather, make use of topics that are in demand for motivation and discover a new outlook, or blend ideas to bring some more depth to your posts.

Create Titles That Are Hard To Resist

solid subheads

Your titles should be irresistible that would lure the readers to take a look at your post. Moreover, it should carry your primary keyword. You have to understand that readers scan web pages instead of reading them thoroughly.
A powerful headline and hence a strong concept is mandatory to make the reader take a look at your content initially. Besides, solid subheads help to build reader engagement and work like “mini headlines” to move ahead with your remaining content. Try to keep your subheads intriguing as well as well researched.

Go Through Social Sharing Research

The online tool, Buzzsumo examined the volume of social sharing of 100 million posts to find out exactly what people generally share and the reasons for it. The outcome was quite insightful and the main findings revealed that :

  • Longer contents are more in demand
  • Images are always necessary
  • People share more if there is an emotional value

Industry reports also constitute amazing content that entails a lot of shares. The use of statistics in blogs also evokes a positive response. Blog posts created with additional context to highlight how statistical details address your business tend to become crazily popular. Make the best use of Statistics in your content.

Optimize Your Written Content

You have done all the valuable research and homework, put your whole heart into your killer blog with an unmissable title, but still, your content is incomplete. You now need to optimize your content prior to publishing. That requires an on-page SEO type of knowledge.

If you maintain proper focus in your write-ups, your post will contain the complete semantic keywords and ideas to make it foolproof. But for a powerful SEO and extra interest you have to:

  • Include a crisp meta description that is descriptive
  • Sub-headers should contain keywords and various variants
  • Links to different internal pages so that your visitors remain on your site for a longer period
  • Outbound links to sites that you feel are authoritative
  • Images containing descriptive ALT text
  • Supplementing various visual media such as slideshows or videos. Though it is not very significant, it raises interest and increases the share value of the content.

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A knowledge-based style in your content draws attention and your audience grows if you steadily churn out informative, well-written, relatable, and personable posts with insight. Content represents in its core, your brand and your followers become advocates of your brand if it relates to their consumer interest. The trick for great new content is to evolve a knowledgeable library of content from industry topics often searched by people, and exhibit it in a manner that is easily understood. Information, research, presentation, and manner of promotion – make engaging content.


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