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Extras Option

You will find the corresponding option inside

Navigate to Dashboard → Fashion buzz → Extras

Screenshot 96

You will find the following options:

Maintenance Mode: If want to work on your website in private you can Enable Maintenance Mode.
Disable Element Animations: This option allows you to stop animations on Mobile Devices.
Icomoon Fonts: This option allows you to use more than 1600 icomoon fonts.
Boxed Layout: This option allows to you boxed layout for the contents.
Disable Responsive Layout: This will mean your website will look more similar to the desktop layout on mobile devices. You can Disable Responsive Layout.
Disable SmoothScroll: Allows you to disable SmoothScroll.
Show Page Comments: Allows you to Enable Comment Form on Pages.
Google Map – API Key: Allows you to Enable the Google Maps API key which you’ll add to your Events Manager settings page.
Google Analytics – Tracking ID: This option allows you to enter your tracking UA code manually. such as UA-12345678-9.
Google Analytics – Tracking Script: This option allows you to enter the Google Analytics Tracking Script code.

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