BuddySocial Theme

BuddySocial is one of the WordPress BuddyPress compatible themes to build a community site. You can use this BuddyPress WordPress theme to create social networking, membership and community social websites. This theme can be used to create a free community portal.

BuddyPress: A free plugin to create your own community site on WordPress

There are lots of plugins that give your WordPress site superpower to convert it into the best community site which you ever want to have.

Among all the plugins, I strongly recommend you to go with BuddyPress because of its perfect documentation and an easy to set up feature. All you need to do is to install it on your WordPress site, properly configure it, and set up your community pages. I must say that with the use of BuddyPress, establishing a community site is not a complex issue now.

Fully Compatible with “Nouveau”

BuddyPress has launched its new layout “Nouveau” that provides vertical and horizontal layout options for BuddyPress navigation, and for the component directories. You will get an option to choose between a grid layout and a classic flat list.
Talking about the Reign theme, it works best with this new BuddyPress layout “Nouveau”. Being compatible with Nouveau, your community members can get high-quality user experience from your site. They can choose Multiple Members Directory, Groups Directory, Multiple Member & Group Layouts.

Summary of Features

Front end Login
BuddySocial offers an interactive front-end user login, with error handling and custom redirection support.

Front end Registration
Create multiple fully customizable front-end registration forms for your users

User Profile
Create amazing user profiles which can be fully customized to your site’s specific requirements

BuddySocial Allow users to create and join groups

Members Directory
List all the registered users filtering them by User Role and setup which user roles can access the directory

Groups Directory
BuddySocial List all groups filtering them by group type (public, private, secret)

Email Notifications
Allows you to setup and customize email notifications that can be sent to users after a certain event happens. Each email type can be activated or deactivated.