How To Promote Blog Online

How To Promote Blog Online

Currently, a blog can be launched by just a theme, some clicks of the mouse and a phrase of words to publish. That isn’t to imply that blogging is intrinsically low value as the barrier to entry is low. If you’ve spent any duration of time online, you’ll quickly see that there’s a lot of wonderful content being exchanged.

But finally, it requires more than an online presence and coercive content to gain success with blogging. If you don’t have traffic flowing in, your entire efforts are useless. The following tips will help you to promote your blog effectively on the internet and receive the maximum possible traffic for your content.

#1 Social Media

social media

Social media evolved to be one of the largest mediums for advertisements and promotions. The primary advantage with social media is, one can separate one’s target audience specifically and select them to directly promote the product to them.

A few social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and various other platforms have a specified tool for a blog and different product promotions. Incorporating your blogs with social media apps and pages will hugely enhance your prospects or reach the target audience.

You can exchange your blogs and articles that you are writing and posting on your blog. This will permit you to draw more traffic from social media platforms. This is a mandatory activity in the matter of blogging and when you are considering the free promotion, nothing defeats social media promotion.


# 2 Email Marketing

How To Promote Blog Online

Email marketing is a classical method to extend to your target audience. Before social media engaged everyone, Email marketing was the most successful method to support blogs and other associated products. Even now, this method of advertising is shown effective in the matter of conversion and targeted marketing.

When you are promoting employing the email marketing method, you need to ensure that your subscribers have positively subscribed to you. If you are dispatching Emails to random strangers, it falls under the umbrella of Spamming. This is something that you do not wish to do if you are eager for “white hat promotion”, which is something you should always concentrate on.

But, if you possess an email subscribers list, it will render it truly simple for you to market your blogs by emails. This aids in maintaining touch with your readers and assists you in building a proper brand image.

There are diverse email marketing tools existing which present free plans for the service they supply. Obviously, the features you receive will be restricted but it is not bad to begin with. Once you obtain a grasp of it, you will be enabled to develop your blog by sending emails. You can dispatch blog updates, newsletters, daily posts, promotions, offers and plenty more to your subscribers.

#3 RSS Feed

One of the most successful ways for blog promotion to date has been RSS Feeds. RSS is a popular platform which is hub for numerous users worldwide. A successful RSS feed can display to the global audience and raise the chances of fresh users by viewing your content.

In the initial stages of social media, RSS feed were extremely successful in promoting your blog content. Even presently, RSS feed has got its personal importance in blog promotions and advertising

#4 Email Signature

email signature

Keen on introducing yourself? If the answer is affirmative, this will suit you well.

Inserting your blog link in the Email signature of your blog mail id or your individual mail id is among the vital blog promotion tips one could ever offer.

Frequently it is not realized that one signature at the end of your email can bear useful links to your website blog or the directed location you wish them to go to.

It can truly get people linked to you, become aware of your blog. It is an indirect promotion, those who read and answer your emails become aware of your blog and its contained content. This indeed seems like a slight addition, but it can lead to plenty of people reaching your blog if you play your cards properly.

You can place the blog link in the signature after adding your address or contact number which is generally done in an Email signature. This will afford an option to your readers to know more about you if they want to. If you are keeping it vacant, it will not lead to anything, and a nice chance to promote your blog goes waste.


#5 Blog Commenting

How To Promote Blog Online

This one cuts both ways, technical and psychological.

Which people tend to be liked more. A person who is silent in the corner not listening to the crowd or the one who takes an initiative to interact with the community he is living in?

The answer is obviously the one who is making attempts.

Similar is the case with the digital world. The more you communicate with different users, the more you face the spotlight, and this can be easily achieved by commenting on other blogs.

Commenting on different blogs with your blog post is a nice way to obtain backlinks.

Commenting simply two lines of liking is a nice gesture, and that will help you in the future. But, you require to understand that this starts with honest appreciation.

If your comment is faker or “copy-pasted”, it will directly be rooted out by the authors and the bots. So rather, attempt to authentically appraise your competitor blogs or partner.

#6 Post Frequently

What can be more depressing than a blog that does not post frequently?

One of the things bloggers do not comprehend is that they require to have content for their normal users. If they do not possess content for their users to read, what are they still promoting?

Although this is an indirect thing, it is vital for any blog. It aids your readers to remain updated with your posts and also aid them come to a conclusion that how updated are you.

By displaying some blog activity with some content frequently, it will aid the readers whether to adhere to your blog or not. Further, the new readers would view regularly are you with the posts and select according to that. Whether it is daily, weekly, monthly or fortnightly there should be a constant time frame upon which the subscribers and readers can depend upon.

Build a content calendar and observe it religiously. Keep aside some time for your blog writing so that you can continue with your blog publishing and do not get combined with other activities.

#7 Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is among the effective and promising ways to support a blog. In guest blogging, a person or blog owner contacts another blog for publishing an article on their blog in return for a top-quality article.

If you do not possess a brand name, it can be a test for some bloggers but certainly not for all.

When you possess a good name in your industry, it is simpler to get approval for your articles, though it does not imply that your proposals will forever be rejected.

You simply need to highlight the value you will be inserting to the guest blog. Also, another portion of guest blogging is link building, when you receive more posts on other blogs connecting back to your website, it aids plenty in SEO.

When you are pitching the article to any blog, ensure that you are truly thinking about the ideas that you will be dispatching. Many different bloggers must agree to the guest articles, but if you have a nice idea or topic that will insert considerable value to the targeted blog, then you can kick off.

#8 Link Different Blogs In Individual Posts

This is an effective and a likely blog promotion tip which can raise the exposure of your blog. While writing a blog article of your zoner, you can offer the link of a blog post, which you can associate to the current article.

Links such as these may activate other bloggers to observe your blogs and refer your blog posts in their blogs. In this manner, it aids your blog get exposure from different bloggers and aids in the general promotion.

You also need to know the quality of the blogs you are supporting. If you are promoting blogs that are on the same plane as yours, it might not aid that much, but if you are supporting blogs that are helpful to the readers, it will aid them in knowing your piece of content in an improved format.

While promoting your blog by joining other blogs in your content, ensure you are truly linking some powerful blogs that can really be helpful to the end user. You should not compel the linking. A nice way is to quote your sources of information and include them to the context of the blog.


There you get it. The list is all you require to promote your blog successfully. Which of these strategies seem right to you? Which ones will you attempt? Which ones will function best?

As you review this list, be cautious not to escape the tactics that appear harder to implement. Often these can be much more successful because so few people are ready to input the effort. If a tactic appears hard but potentially truly strong, give it a run before discounting it.

Foremost, bear in mind that your content itself is the key to the success of your promotional efforts. The entire promotion in the world won’t aid if your content isn’t wonderful, exchangeable, entertaining and helpful.

And ultimately, don’t think that fame is everything. To develop true fans and a permanent, thriving audience, you have to focus on creating helpful, interactive content that cultivates trust with your audience. Don’t become so hung up on playing the popularity game that you don’t remember the person who matters most: your reader.

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