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Are you searching for the best Calendar WordPress Plugins for your website? Calendar WordPress Plugins accompany a wide range of features and functionality. Some are built for manageable event management while others are progressively mind-boggling with ticketing, booking, scheduling and planning features.

Here are some calendar plugins that can easily enable you to perfectly showcase events on a calendar. If you’re a businessman running an organization and events. It’s relevant that your visitors to your site can get them effortlessly. Moreover, if an update of your forthcoming events is hard to examine you could perceive a rare output on the day.

You have to choose a plugin that suits your needs. For example, in the event that you need to sell event tickets, at that point simply the booking feature may not be beneficial for you. In this article, we have discussed the best suitable Calendar WordPress Plugins for your WordPress website.

1. The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is one of the most popular event Calendar WordPress Plugins in the market. The Events Calendar from Modern Tribe (over 400,000 active installs) and a high star rating satisfaction out there, This free plugin will assist you to simply build and run events with WordPress, plus this plugin is a set of premium add-ons allowing extra functionality and functions. as the headline suggests, it’s completely fit with the Complete WordPress theme, easy to use, and absolutely customizable

The Events Calendar WordPress plugin gives expert level quality and specialities supported by a team that you can trust. Its arranged with bundles of helpful features such as:

  • Rapidly create events
  • Saved venues & organizers
  • Calendar month view with tooltips
  • Event List view
  • Day view
  • Event search
  • Google maps
  • Widget: Upcoming events list
  • And much more.

Download Here

2. WordPress Events Calendar Registration and Booking

Calendar WordPress Plugins

Events Calendar plugin is the most powerful WordPress Events Calendar plugin, you can create discount coupons, export and manage attendees, sell tickets, and much more. In case you’re launching an event, you’ll probably need to inform the world regarding it through your site. For this, I’ll suggest you go with the WordPress Events Calendar plugin.

WordPress Calendar Plugin discover the best WordPress events calendar is not an easy job, with the free and premium calendar plugins is difficult to get a choice. It enables you to quickly build and maintain your upcoming events online.

Here are some useful features of the Events Calendar plugin

  • Responsive Events
  • WordPress Event List
  • Events Grid Layout
  • Events Dashboard
  • Display Event Seating
  • Event Thumbnail and more.

Download Here

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3. Events Manager

Calendar WordPress Plugins

The Events Manager plugin is really a full-featured event listing plugin but also gives a powerful event calendar as one of its many features. you can easily be built to be flexible and reliable, this plugin is free, and enables you to describe your events, add custom attributes and simply manage all aspect of whereby events are represented on your website. With event registration functionality added in the free version. Version 5 instantly creates events, locations and places with WordPress Custom Post Types, that providing for more extra chances than ever previously! They added a premium add-on for Events Manager that not only displays the versatility of Events Manager but also adds some great features including but not limited to like, PayPal and Offline Payments.

Here some main key features of The Events Manager plugin

  • Easy event registration
  • Recurring and long event registration
  • Bookings Management
  • Multiple Tickets
  • MultiSite Support
  • BuddyPress Support
  • Compatible with SEO plugins
  • And much more

Download Here

4. Timely All-in-One Event Calendar

Timely All-in-One Event Calendar

All-in-One Event Calendar plugin is another beautiful from Timely. This events calendar is very simple to manage with clear visual design and a strong collection of features to build the various advanced website calendar system accessible for WordPress.

Timely events calendar gives complete support. You can import events from another website calendars and allow users the capability to submit to your events calendar.

This events calendar plugin has various features hope you will demonstrate helpful to users

  • Recurring events
  • Easy sharing with Google Calendar
  • Filtering by event category or tag.
  • Embedded Google Maps.
  • Colour-coded events based on category.
  • Featured event images and category images.
  • Upcoming Events widget, and more.

Download Here

5. My Calendar

My Calendar plugin

My Calendar plugin is the open and extremely customizable plugin from WordPress. This free plugin is accessible and easy to use, but manageable enough for developers and designers that want a custom calendar.

It does WordPress event management with well customizable designs to present events. The plugin supports different event calendars within WordPress Multisite, various calendars represented by categories, segments or author, location or single listings of future events. There is no coding required it is very easy to use for anybody.

My Calendar gives tremendous adaptability for developers requiring a custom calendar. It is organised with convenience in mind, so every user of your website can take the same access and knowledge in your calendar.

Here are some of the main features of My Calendar,

  • Calendar grid and list views of events
  • Custom templates for event output
  • Schedule recurring events
  • Managing locations
  • Multisite-friendly
  • Integrated help page, and much more


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Final Thoughts on the Best Events Calendar WordPress Plugins

Your events need attendees and having a wonderful and useful event or schedule goes some approach to ensuring that your events are sold out.

In this article, I’ve introduced the top picks. You have the option to find the perfect calendar WordPress Plugins among them. Regardless of whether you have honest needs or require a further advanced solution. With the plenty of plugins accessible, there’s a lot of chance to take one for a turn. Ideally, you’ll have the option to pick one that suits your needs.

Do you have a personal favourite events calendar plugin not featured above, or do you have any tips and tricks for going with them? Let us know in the comments section below!

Do you have a most loved events calendar plugin not included above, or do you have any suggestions and deceives for going with them? Tell us to know in the comment segment.

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