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Extra Options

Highlights gives some extra options to manage your themes more easily. 

Navigate to WordPress dashboard > highlights > Extra Options


  • Maintenance Mode: Enable maintenance mode for a specific page to your guest users by clicking this button. This will be shown only in logged out mode.
  • Disable Element Animations:  Enable this option if you want to disable element options.
  • IcoMoon Fonts: IcoMoon provides a package of vector icons, along with a free HTML5 app for making custom icon fonts or SVG sprites. Enable this option to use icomoon fonts.
  • Site Container Width: Set your website’s container width from here.
  • Boxed Layout: Enable this option to set a box layout for your website
  • Disable Responsive Layout: use this option to disable the responsive layout.
  • Disable Smooth Scroll: Use this option to disable smooth scroll on your website.
  • Show Page Comments: Enable this option to show comments on pages.
  • Google map API Key: Enter Google Map API Key here.
  • Google Analytics Tracking ID:  Enter your Google Analytics ID here.
  • Google Analytics Tracking Script: Paste your Google Analytics ID here.
  • Typekit ID for Embed Typekit JS :  Use embed Typekit JS.

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