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Varuna v1.5.0


= 1.5.0 =
* Fix: Dark mode option moved from Header to Skin
* Fix: Fixed nav Menu Location Issue
* Fix: Fixed Theme activate time error and not redirect to Theme Setup Wizard
* Fix: Update related-posts UI on mobile view
* Fix: Update widget title style and sub-menu line-height
* Fix: (#93) Removed some tags from style.css as per WordPress theme tags
* Fix: (#89) Set default line-height for submenu
* Fix: Fixed WC_Cart::get_cart_url is deprecated warning
* Fix: Fixed # 90 Add new typography functionality not working
* Fix: (#87) Topbar links hover color option
* Fix: UI and Default data updates
* Fix: Fixed#86 Reset All option not working
* Fix: Update flicker user-id
* Fix: fixes CSS Author, Recent Posts, post Navigation
* Fix: Fix menu add icon button
* Fix: (#68) Fixed navigation add icon button
* Fix: (#81) Fix customizer reset button.
* Fix: (#79) Fixed default sidebar
* Fix: (#72) Fix page meta box not working
* Fix: (#66) Fix Show error during install child theme
* Fix: Typography All font issue #71
* Fix: top module button and blog dependency

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