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Time to attract more visitors from your site and let them return to your site again and again

Strategy when planned perfectly, works efficiently

For attracting visitors on your site you have to hold a unique designation in the market. Starting an online business without a pre-planned strategy is of no use. You cannot maximize your profit scale unless you have customers. People prefer heavy discounts instead of heavy prices for any particular product or service. Once you learn how to approach the customer and converting them on the same hand, it’s time to take off. Providing coupons which can let your customer avail a discounted price for a product would be a better idea.

For that, you can install WordPress coupon plugins completing the job for you. The online market is growing at a fast pace so does the competition. Having a unique identity is required for a successful business operation. Unless you have a better plan to be implemented, you will surely fail. These amazing plugin can handle this job for you letting you maximize profit from your business. Allow people to go through your website with interest. You can do this by providing new schemes and coupons to your customers. Try installing the coupon plugins now.

Below are mentioned four best WordPress coupon plugins which you can install on your site:

  1. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce
  2. Discount Rules for WooCommerce
  3. YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards
  4. Code Shop for WordPress
  5. WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons

1. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

The plugin enables your WooCommerce store to create and offer awesome coupon deals to your shoppers to keep them making purchases from your store. It comes with advanced coupon rules that enable you to configure a variety of combinations of coupons with different features. Using the plugin you can offer store credits and gift cards and have them sent to the recipient via email in beautifully designed gift cards.

Key features:

  1. Create coupons having different coupon rules and restrictions.
  2. Generate coupons based on customer behavior.
  3. Offer Buy One Get One Deals
  4. Allow store credits/gift coupons
  5. Add countdown discount sales banner
  6. Create coupons in bulk and email or export them to CSV.

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2. Discount Rules for WooCommerce

WordPress Coupon Plugins

Lets you execute easy to complex promotions such as huge discounts, Buy one and get one free offer, normal discounts which are based on products, cart items, categories, and order amount, etc. A feature like the automated application of discounts by you when your customers match a set of rules. The customer would enjoy the automated discount when he buys the product in predefined quantity. For example, you can provide a five percent discount when customers purchase four quantities in total. The discount will be applied automatically when the customer purchases four quantities.

Key features:

  1. Order amount or cart total based discounts
  2. Free shipping option solely based on subtotal, total quantity, history of purchase, etc

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3. YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

These plugins allow your customers to buy gift cards to your store and use it later. Once the customer has made a purchase, he will get a customized gift card through an email including a discount code. This way, your existing customers will pass on the gift card to a new customer who would start purchasing from your site and turn into a fellow customer. With the premium version, there are lots of features for creating various cards such as digital and physical gift cards allowing your visitor to define gift card amount, pass the gift card to the recipient and also provide your customers with the facility of inputting a message on gift card while sending to their close ones.

Key features:

  1. Can decide gift cards amounts
  2. Translation is possible
  3. Notification via email to the customers at the time of purchase
  4. Boost sales and approaches new potential customers

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4. Code Shop for WordPress

WordPress Coupon Plugins

After installing this plugin you can easily sell coupons and several vouchers and even licenses instantly on your WordPress site. This plugin is compatible and directly linked with various payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net inserting simply in various WordPress pages with the medium of the shortcode. Another privilege is that it accepts digital currency such as bitcoin through the medium of Blockchain.info API. You get an option to monetize your present website. It lets set up unlimited campaigns and even has fixed price assistance. It takes responsibility for delivering coupons, vouchers and license code through email. Unique features such as automatic translation in various languages to approach global audiences are available.


  1. Various currencies are supported
  2. Usually accepts every credit or debit cards
  3. Price flexibility letting your visitors define their price
  4. Distribution of free coupons
  5. HTML content is inserted inside payment boxes

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5. WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons

WordPress Coupon Plugins

Meant for the autonomous distribution of coupons and discounts to the customers based on total products in the customers’ cart. Products are labeled with discounts for maintaining transparency letting your customers watch their total savings after making the purchase. Depending upon the purchase amount it defines discounts and coupons to appear on the site. Couples are applied to particular categories of products hence, maximizing the purchases. After inserting shortcode you would be able to see customized discounts that appear.

Key features:

  • Creating various coupons in WooCommerce
  • Finalizing the location to display couple information
  • Provides discounts automatically
  • Best suitable for products and services bought in bulk
  • Instant customization possible with the help of inline styles

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These were the Five best WordPress coupon plugins that you can install to approach huge traffic and attract a large number of visitors on your site. Try one of them now.

What is the need of providing coupons on your WordPress site?

You should know that providing coupons and discounts on your WordPress site will approach and attract huge traffic on your site. Many people seek heavy discounts and vouchers to make a purchase. If you provide this opportunity to the people, why wouldn’t they buy from you?
If you can’t figure out why people would be interested in availing discounts and coupons then go through below-mentioned tips:

  1. Around ninety-five percent of people would like to avail coupons and discounts if get an opportunity
  2. Around fifty percent of people would like to buy but only at a discounted price
  3. Eighty-six percent of people seek coupon before jumping on any eCommerce site
  4. Around fifty-one percent of adult people would make use of online coupons once this year

Better get going

Your success depends upon the nature of business and your business skills. You might have a clear idea now how do these plugins serve you and in which way. Try installing one now and avail the privileges within no time. Let customers enjoy discounts leaving you to enjoy the profits.

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