Social Media to Promote Your Blog

Though some people may argue that blogging is outdated, in reality, effective blogging accompanied the right promotional support can be extremely successful. In fact, 9 out of 10 marketers think blogs are responsible for helping to achieve most campaign goals. To make your blogs as successful as possible Social Media to Promote Your Blog, one of the best approaches is to use social media. According to TechJury, the average user spends almost three hours on social media every day.

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Social Media to Promote Your Blog

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Considering that over five billion people make up active social media users, this is a huge opportunity that can understandably boost your blog. So, if you’re looking to promote your blog with social media, here are some tips to remember:

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1. Write attention-grabbing headlines

If you have a lackluster title, it doesn’t matter if your article is amazing. Holistic blog Conscious Vibe states that studies show that only 20% of online readers will read past the headline. The largest reason behind this is that there are massive amounts of content published regularly on social media.

Thus, if your headline isn’t catchy enough, audiences will just move on to the next post. Evidence suggests that some of the most effective headlines are either clickbait, how-to’s, or news-type in nature. When writing your headline, keep this in mind so that they perform well on social media, too.

2. Keep your posts short and concise

Whereas the length of your blog post is generally better off between 800 to 2,000 words, on social media the inverse is true. Thus, try to have your captions around two paragraphs long at the very most. This is more than enough to pique your audience’s interest while still giving readers cause to find out more at your blog.

If your posts are too long, chances are readers will just skip going to your blog completely. To cap it off, use hashtags to increase your promotional post’s traffic. This is especially helpful if you’re writing about something trending.

3. Use relevant images to improve your posts

The human brain processes images over 60,000 times faster than plain text. You can take advantage of this by using images to complement your promotional post. For instance, if you’re tweeting about a blog post about the TV show Friends, you may want to post a GIF of Ross and Rachel.

In so doing, you’re able to give your audience a visual anchor they can process. Visuals are also a lot easier on the eyes than blocks of text. This will make your account more appealing for visitors who are still just trying to get to know you.

4. Make your links obvious for readers

In a recent report on the news site Orlando Sentinel, it was revealed that the human attention span is now just eight seconds. That’s even shorter than that of a goldfish. When online, this means that most people will just skim over posts. As such, if your posts aren’t offering what readers are looking for, you’ll lose out completely.

One of the best ways you can make the most of social media despite shortening attention spans is by leveraging links. By adding links to your posts that lead to your blog, you can redirect readers to your site within a few seconds. Some of the best link placements are in your bio and at the very top or very bottom of your caption. The eyes naturally gravitate here and make it easy to be seen.

5. Time your social media postings

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It’s not enough to post online, even if you do so consistently. Instead, what you should also focus on doing is mindfully timing your posts. To do this, think of when your target market is mostly online. This differs per demographic and platform, of course. To figure out what time is best for your audience, try to look at what other similar accounts are doing. Are they posting more at night or in the day? At which times do they receive the most engagement?

Take cues from these points, and try to post accordingly. Through this, your posts will be more effective at targeting the audience you’re trying to attract. You can also use social media tools that will pinpoint the best times for you to post throughout the week.

6. Optimize social media advertising

To take your social media promotions to the next level, take advantage of each platform’s built-in advertising tools. As explained on AskMoney, which has posts about social media, advertising on these platforms is fairly cost-effective and easy to sign up for. Anyone with an account on these platforms is eligible for these advertising options. On some platforms like Twitter, these advertising packages can be customized. This way, you don’t have to go over budget.

On other platforms like Instagram, advertising options are not customizable but they can be set up relatively quickly. Whether you choose to advertise on multiple social media platforms or just one is up to you. Regardless, by doing so, you’re improving your chances of hacking the algorithm.

7. Engage with other social media bloggers

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In a previous post about blog traffic by Shashank Dubey, we noted that posting comments on other blogs is a great way to improve your own engagement. Similarly, on social media, connecting with other bloggers on these platforms can enhance your reach. By commenting on other accounts, you can tap into their followers and gain networking opportunities.

If you can, you should also try to create mutually beneficial partnerships with these accounts. This way, you can both promote each other for free. This creates a sense of community and credibility that many readers find attractive.

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Using social media for promotions is one of the most timely ways that you can elevate your blog. Thanks to its massive user base, social media is a contemporary blogger’s best resource to grow your audience, improve your reach, and build your own credibility.

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