While you are operating a business, it is vital to monitor your business’s progress over a specific period of time. This also covers WordPress WooCommerce stores. Generally, the admin undertakes the traditional Woocommerce reports to monitor the progress of the business. However, currently, there is a need for tools that set out everything concerning a business and its general progress. So, here, it would be beneficial to possess the newest plugins to perform this task effectively. The following are some of the finest WooCommerce Reports and Analytics Plugins.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Metorik
  2. Metrilo
  3. Beeketing for WooCommerce
  4. Advanced E-Commerce Google Analytics
  5. Abandoned Cart Reports for WooCommerce
  6. Product Sales Report for WooCommerce

# 1 Metorik


Metorik is a potent WooCommerce reporting tool. The plugin presents you with a broad assortment of reporting templates that you can employ instantly. You can also personalize and adapt those templates to meet your needs. You can alter everything, from the way products are shown to the order statuses.

It includes every single feature of your sales, like the number of orders, net and gross sales, items, average values, and much more. This allows Metorik to generate exact forecast reports instantly.

Though it’s nearly impossible to enumerate all the features, however, the most important options consist of the following:

  • Sales through the hour and day
  • Orders across time
  • Order value allocation and order product count allocation
  • Finest and worst sellers
  • Latest vs. returning customers
  • KPIs for each category you desire to analyze
  • Guest insights

# 2 Metrilo


Metrilo constitutes a WooCommerce-based analytics plugin that offers clients comprehensive sales insights. This tool is made so exciting due to its precision. Specifically, Metrilo examines data in true time and does not count returned or canceled or fraudulent orders.

The plugin renders the system more exact and much improved in comparison to generic WooCommerce analytics platforms. Metrilo has a distinct and interactive dashboard with primary information like revenue, average orders, and conversion rates.

The dashboard can be rearranged to prioritize the details you regard most relevant. Simultaneously, you can inform Metrilo what constitutes an effective order status, aiding the plugin to count them versus your revenue.

The system also estimates personal product performance, besides conducting detailed revenue and retention analyses. Apart from that, Metrilo permits you to import all your earlier order data and maintain a total database of your clients.

# 3 Beeketing For WooCommerce

This is a marketing and reporting plugin having a complete set of potent features. The tool starts tracking each customer from the beginning, i.e., from the first time they come to your web store.

Thereby, Beeketing can scrutinize consumer behavior and build an extensive overview of a purchaser persona.

Beeketing effectively tracks customers even though they reach the eCommerce portal from separate devices. Not a single interaction from your store is missed. The plugin is easy, and it smoothly combines with WooCommerce.

This implies you can begin employing it almost immediately, while every report arrives in a straightforward and user-friendly layout. As a high-level analytics system, Beeketing for WooCommerce permits you to personalize features and build tailored reports.

# 4 Advanced E-Commerce Google Analytics



Just as the name indicates, Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics signifies a better version of Google Analytics specifically created for online retailers. The plugin is, obviously, focused totally on WooCommerce.

The tool encompasses all segments of the consumer voyage, so you can monitor and scrutinize every stage from item views to thank you pages. It upholds 4 prominent reporting features: checkout and shopping behavior along with sales and product performance.

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics also grabs product impressions, product clicks and adds them to the cart.

# 5 Abandoned Cart Reports For WooCommerce


This plugin highlights a small but major part of eCommerce reporting.

Abandoned Cart Reports for WooCommerce constitutes an easy plugin that permits you to view the number of abandoned carts your store contains by recording as people leave their carts and see trends with time employing the inbuilt dashboard and data pages.

It starts recording carts the initial time anyone includes an item in their shopping cart. Portals utilize this plugin as it always locates a prospect’s IP address, but also since it recognizes email addresses in the majority of cases.

In that manner, Abandoned Cart Reports permits businesses to perform the follow-up and extend to likely customers once more.

The plugin labels interactions as left 15 minutes after a user abandons the cart without finishing the purchase.

If they return later and make the purchase, the deal will be revived. It’s an easy tool but essential if you wish to maintain track of missed chances.

# 6 Product Sales Report For WooCommerce


Product Sales Report for WooCommerce comprises a comprehensive solution for eCommerce website managers who desire to examine everything from primary sales indicators to minor details concerning user behavior.

The elementary Product Sales Report plugin builds reports on the number and gross sales of personal WooCommerce items that ended over a specified date period.

Nevertheless, the pro version also offers you an overview of product trends, whereas you can employ some more features like:

  • Optionally add products without sales.
  • Include customized input fields highlighting specific products
  • Save separate reporting templates to speed up the process the following time you require the same report
  • Include reports to email messages as an attachment


If you are operating an online retail business, you are perhaps utilizing WooCommerce as the eCommerce system. It’s the biggest and most common platform for digital commerce, putting up numerous websites all across the globe.

WooCommerce contains pre-built analytics, but you can know much more regarding the business if you employ one of its reporting tools. This post presents you with the 7 best WooCommerce reports and analytics plugins for your online store.

All these tools make the identification of the pros and cons of your digital business a simple process. MonsterInsights plugin is also an excellent option for monitoring WooCommerce statistics and your site visitors, demographic, top pages, etc. Another superb alternative for creating WooCommerce reports is InfoCaptor WooCommerce Reporting PRO.

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