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WordPress has a different theme design and the theme can change your site’s design. WordPress theme check can also tweak your apprentice and some aspects of your interface. Selecting the exact theme is the key to success for users’ experience. Any site owner can easily visualize content and structure it for the user experience using the best theme.

On the other hand, you can also be inspired by other sites on WordPress and take ideas from them to implement on your sites. A lot depends on the choice of theme to take care of the maximum comfort of your customers. For making a WordPress theme you need to first go through the WordPress theme check. To check your theme’s compliance with WordPress, the WordPress theme check plugin.

Professional Themes for WordPress Websites

What is a WordPress theme?

WordPress themes come in many free and paid themes on the WordPress site. Out of them, you can choose any of them to execute on your site. Additionally, a WordPress theme is a set of files that help a WP website be interactive. You can take advantage of ready-made options to design the visual component of the site. Creators of the theme use fonts that for together and use accent color and background.

So you do not need to worry about the correct setting and display of each element. You can make your website in WordPress. You can also create a beautiful and functional website for free if you have no experience with the themes of this platform.

What is a WordPress theme check?

The WordPress theme check-marked down the areas where you can make modifications even if you don’t know any codes or checks. You can easily find out the secret behind a specific site’s design through a WordPress theme check. It can scan the source code of websites so you can also find out which WordPress theme a site is using.

When you have to be sure about the acceptability of your theme this is when the WordPress theme check comes into play.

Below we discussed some of the best WordPress theme Check. Additionally, we will discuss each of them in detail and see what they come with.

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1. What theme

This is a great online tool that not only detects a WordPress site’s theme but also shows details about the theme. This checks the main URL, the author, what version, and license it has tags related to its purpose. This tool can also recognize a custom theme immediately. On the other hand, it delivers you the author or agency that built it. If you want to find out whether a site uses WordPress or not you can use What Theme.

2. What WordPress theme is that

This WordPress theme check tool is made to detect what WordPress theme a specific site is using. You can even go to the tool’s page and enter the URL of the site that you want to check in the search bar. This tool not only checks the main theme but also the parent. This tool goes beyond themes and presents you with a list of plugins that are being used by that given site. But this can not check the theme built for another platform just for WordPress.

3. WPSniffer

This tool is a chrome extension that tells you what theme a WordPress site is using. It just links to a Google results page where you can find all the pages that lead to the theme. Additionally, this tool is easy to use. You only need to click the install button and a grey icon will appear in your browser’s top bar. Every time it detects a WordPress the icon turns orange automatically.

4. WordPress theme detector

WordPress theme detector- WordPress theme check
WordPress theme check

This WordPress theme check tool has a friendly interface. With this, you only need to enter the URL of the site you are interested in. This tool displays the theme found in slide sections that deliver helpful details about the author. This tool detects the theme’s description, tag, license, and additional information about the site you searched for. This also checks a list of plugins that were on the site.

5. Scan WP

Scan WP0- WordPress theme check
WordPress theme check

It helps you check the theme used in a WordPress site along with the available plugins. This tool is relatively easy to use and integrates smoothly with your browser. This also gives out further details related to a site such as hosting service and domain authority. With it, you will even find details such as ranking keywords, backlinks, and competitor information. On the other hand, it could be a quick site analysis tool that you can use for free.

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6. WPBeginner

WordPress theme check

This is one of the most popular resources for WordPress. Additionally, it also offers the detector tool that will help you understand the theme used by any website. With the help of this tool, you will find further details about the theme developer and other aspects. On the other hand, this plugin helps you identify the hosting service used by the site as well.

7. WP theme detector by Satori

This is the most minimalist tool that provides only the essential results. This provides a theme’s name, its author, description, as well as the direct link to the theme’s official page. Additionally, this tells whether a child theme is being used and returns specific error messages. On the other hand, this tool works even on websites that are using CSS minification plugins.

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8. BuiltWith

BuiltWith- WordPress theme check
WordPress theme check

This gives you details on what different websites are built with. Additionally, it also provides an elaborated list of details regarding several websites. Built with offers a lot of details regarding web technology trends. Understanding the usage information of different technologies you can get help with market analysis, lead generation, etc.



These are some of the best WordPress theme check tools. Using them you can quickly detect any websites. Checking another WordPress theme you can gain insight when you design your site using WordPress. When you see a design you like you can determine what WordPress theme this is and customize it for yourself.

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