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With a galore of websites present for various businesses and enterprises, you get countless options for formats and designs. But, there can exist a possibility of committing common website design mistakes for which solutions are required. Among the prominent mistakes are having a website that offers an inferior quality user experience and lacks a mobile responsive website. To find actionable solutions for such issues, it is essential to engage the services of a professional website developer who can troubleshoot such problems and explore workable solutions. Try to be aware of the common mistakes so as to make your website functional and optimized for performance.

Here we take a glance at some of the website design mistakes that are to addressed and fixed up quickly to make your current web design stand at par and improve the user-experience.

# A Low-Quality User Experience

If your site visitors do not find your site appealing and pleasant, it is very likely that they would leave your website and stop being your customer.To enhance the user experience you need to work out with a web developer to determine the areas which are hampering the user experience. There are numerous areas that factor in the user experience such as page readability, loading speed of the website, mobile compatibility, and defective navigation which needs to be addressed by professionals.

# Lacks A Responsive Design

Responsive design features among the necessary components of a website design. This website feature enhances the accessibility of your site to every user regardless of their device. Your site visitors can enjoy viewing your website across all devices and screen resolutions be it smartphones, iPads, desktops and PlayStation 4 that have been optimized for their device, and has also been recommended by Google. As users go gor an optimal experience, if your site fails to offer a mobile-friendly experience, they will exit from your site and find a portal that appears more functional and responsive.

# Too Much Or Too Little Design

Users stick to a first impression of a website and if they find your website either too overwhelming or underwhelming they may walk out. If visitors are not able to understand what your site and business are all about the minute they arrive, they get confused and fed up and click out of your site and even turn to a rival site. Your site should appear easy and less busy to the eyes of your visitor. The focus of your website should be on the products and services of your company and make it certain that your website design does not overlook this aspect. Websites studded with images, videos and text affects the loading time which results in higher frustration among users. Furthermore, an over busy web design with disorganized website elements like color palettes, typefaces and themes that are not connected to each other tend to put off your users and fluster them. Avoid busy designs the way you would avoid the plague or the pandemic! Plan perfectly what your brand represents so that you can develop your website aligning with its core values.

# A Poor Or Unclear Call To Action (CTA)

A common mistake that occurs during web design is that of not providing a clear or even missing CTA. A CTA is vital for your site, as it commands your users to take an action. For instance, CTAs can consist of “Click here”, and “Make a purchase”.

Are you looking forward to your visitors asking for a free demo or call to discuss with a sales representative? Including a clear CTA is necessary as it allows your potential clients to use your business and if they are not able to know what to do they may not prefer to utilize your business. For choosing a CTA, being simple and brief is best. Your page should reveal sufficient information for the visitors to understand what they stand to gain from carrying out the action and what they have to offer. Keep form-filling at its bare minimum and always let users have a few minutes to scan the page prior to the display of the CTA.

# Lack of Contact Information Display

If you prefer to have your customers maintain contact with your organization and business, you need to have accurate contact information displayed. Your visitors may decide to buy a product or utilize your services which make it imperative to place all the important contact information the minute they consider you to be the best company for them. In case, a site visitor has to scroll across your site for contact details, they are most likely to get disappointed and leave. In fact, your “Contact Us” page needs to be simply one click away, or the details should be included below every page.
Further, you also must make it certain that the proper contact information gets listed on social media accounts as well as on Google My Business.

# Lack Of Clear Navigation

If website users fail to find what they are searching they will soon abandon your site and would not prefer to be your customer. Website navigation requires streamlining and you can add a search bar in case your website contains multiple pages.Making your navigation menu difficult to locate is a common website design mistake. Have you ever logged to a site and cannot locate the menu or the search bar? Such navigability issues can diminish the popularity of a website and annoy the users. Make it certain that the navigational elements of your website can be easily understood and convenient to notice.
Clear navigation, on the contrary, keeps your users focused on the page. Menus having clarity, breadcrumb navigation, and design labels deal with the “Where am I” query for your site visitors. The users of your site take the help of visual indications from your navigation menus, and breadcrumb navigation to proceed across your site. These visual indications are used by your users to get a reply to the “Where am I” question.

# Not Restricting Users Right For Anybody

With regard to websites and marketing portals it is crucial to know that all websites should not offer complete access to anybody who visits their site. Rather, sites should be used where access is limited like for example using logins for account details. This helps to know whether it is for employees or consumers.

# Inferior Quality Website Content

Content is a central element of your site and marketing strategy. Content informs your readers about the services and products offered by your business. Keep a close watch on your choice of fonts and the manner in which content is presented on the webpage.
Your brand image is communicated by the Typeface chosen along with the actual words that you write, so go for a legible and appealing font.

Try to make the best usage of white space to catch the attention of the viewer to your site and put together a vast block of text in a less brazen manner. Adding excessive text into their site is a major mistake that is often committed by people. Break text wherever possible, and employ visual elements to highlight concepts if required. Moreover, update your content, otherwise your consumers may get an idea that you are out of business. After all, keeping a blogpost or resource section is productive because it will promote relevant information to site users and offers scope for other portals to link to your webpage.

# Making Use Of Irrelevant Images

Graphics and pictures are key components of a web design as they communicate complex ideas without reading any single line of text. So to speak, many businesses without any rhyme or reason use irrelevant pictures or low-quality images which can repel visitors. In the same way, irrelevant images can cause confusion among your reader who are more likely to get amazed at what exactly you want to convey.Always select images that aligns with your brand and at the same time does not overlook the message of your website. Images should back up the website but should not be the main focus. When you select stock photos, pick up those that do not feature on various industry websites and when you click your individual photos see to it that they present a professional look and are well-edited.

An understated photo is a better option that having one that your visitors focus on in place of the real messaging.

# Missing Out Social Media Integration

Incorporating social media on your site is essential as it comprises one of the many ways customers remain in touch with your brand. Link the social media accounts of your company to your site for easy access of your customers to the proper account. Your site and socual media network should perform together to advance your brand seamlessly. Integrating social feeds to your homepage expands your exposure and when you integrate Twitter and Facebook feeds inside your website, consumers can observe that you are engaging and involved.

It is a helpful idea to position the follow button within the header and footer of your site. This makes way for easy navigation for the user whatever be the page they have accessed. Adding share buttons to product pages helps your consumers to suggest or share their preferred items. Though there are numerous websites containing share buttons added on blog pages. Finally, the inclusion of social media in website design involves your customers in the promotion and distribution of content and making it easier to follow you and discover you again and not miss any informative article, customer event and specific promotion.

# Maintaining A Slow Website

If more than four seconds are consumed to load a web page completely, it means the site is slow. The slower the website, the higher the possibility of a user to bounce. Google has observed that 3 seconds is the recognized norm for site owners who want to retain their on-site users. Your page speed can influence your Google rankings to a great extent.
Moreover, a slow server response time also affects your website speed. Slow server response times reveals that there is a basic performance issue.

Final Thoughts

Website design does take hard work, but is not something hard to accomplish. Though businesses struggle and commit common mistakes that make their website customers wean away. If your site visitors cannot locate the navigation bar or the search feature, they may never venture into your site again. Make it certain that you include maximum of the accepted design guidelines as possible to build a profitable site and one that focuses on your customers.

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