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ArticleMag v1.4.0


= 1.4.0 =
* Fix: Fixed nav Menu Location Issue and Fixed License Key Issues
* Fix: CS bugs fixes updated
* Fix: (#60) Managed Ul for childern comments
* Fix: (#59) Tooltip not working fixed
* Fix: Demo importer files updated and flickr id change
* Fix: (#57) Fixed limit
* Fix: typography theme options fixed
* Fix: Single post in images width fixed
* Fix: Default Image issue fixed
* Fix: Theme checker files update
* Fix: CS Framework files update
* Fix: (#43) Featured Post Meta box Fixed
* Fix: (#47) Category Post Header Images
* Fix:(#47) Category Post Header Images
* Fix:(#47) Category Post Header Images
* Fix: (#52), (#53) Single post option and featured image section updated
* Fix:(#47) Category Post Header Images
* Fix: Reset customizer option issue fixed
* Fix: (#50) Own Skin in custom background image uploaded issue fixed
* Fix: (#48) Siddebar meta box issue fixed and (#49) socialshare remove
* Fix: #44 post content with sidebar not proper space fixed
* Fix: #46 Post and page Option background fixed
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