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Blog Layout Option

In this section, we will talk about the Pindairy post options. These options are divided into two sections: Blog Archive Page options for the Archive Page, Single Blog options for every single post. There are many options in these two, so let’s explain them in different parts as below.

Blog Archive Page Options :

To setup the Blog Archive page we have given multiple options for users. Refer Below points :

    • Blog Layout: Change the blog layout using this option. We have given multiple options to change the archive page layout.
      • Blog Large Image Layout
      • Blog Medium Image Layout
      • Blog Small Image Layout
      • Masonry Layout
      • Grid Layout


    • Blog Sidebar: Use This option if you want to add sidebars on your archive page.
    • Blog Featured Image Size: Set the Featured image size for the blog.
    • Blog Pagination:  Enable/Disable Blog archive page pagination here.
    • Blog Automatically Excerpt: Enable/Disable Blog Excerpt here.
    • Blog Excerpt Word Limit: Set excerpt limit here.

Masonry 1 grid 3 large blog meduam blog small 1

Blog Single Options : 

    • Show Featured Image in Blog Single : Enable this option if you want to show featured image on single blog page.
    • Blog SIngle Featured image size : Set Featured image size for single blog page.
    • Single Recent Posts: Set the single recent post from here. Which post you want to show below single post. We have provided 4 options :
      • Recent Post
      • Random Post
      • Related Post
      • Most commented Posts
      • Most loved posts
    • Single Recent Title: Set Title for single recent post.
    • Single Recent Thumbnail: Set thumbnail for single recent image.
    • Single Recent Thumbnail Size: Set size of single recent image.
    • About the Author: Enable this option if you want to show author’s detail on sgle post.
    • Recent Posts: Enable this option if you want to show recent posts section below single post.
    • Post Navigation: Enable this option if you want to show navigation to navigate previous and next post on single blog page.


single blog page scaled

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