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HighLights v1.3.0


= 1.3.0 =
 * Fix:Fixed nav Menu Location Issue
 * Fix:Fixed Theme activate time error and not redirect to Theme Setup Wizard
 * Fix:Fixed License Key Issues
 * Fix:(#47) Fixed backend post in reload error
 * Fix:(#63) text domain fixes
 * Fix:Dark mode move from Header to Skin
 * Fix:(#63) Managed cs-post-author missing on other post types
 * Fix:(#62) Update comment meta hover color and widgets title font size
 * Fix:Blog small layout post meta space managed
 * Fix:Update demo import files update
 * Fix:Footer default and filckr id changed
 * Fix:demo imorter theme options
 * Fix:(#57), (#58) responsive and dark mode single post issue fixed
 * Fix:Typography Color Fixed
 * Fix:Single post author, post, navigation
 * Fix:CS Framework update files
 * Released: 14 March, 2020

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