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Header Options

Header is one of the most important items of a site so we are describing them in more detail. You can find it in the WordPress Dashboard > Pindairy > Header.

We have provided multiple options to create a beautiful and infuse header layout. Refer below points  :

  • Site Logo: Upload logo here for the site.
  • Site Logo @2x for Retina : Retina Logo means It means a website logo that looks great on Retina (higher pixel density) screens. So if your normal actual logo has a size of 100×30 pixels you need to create a logo 2x larger or 3x or even 4x. In this way, it will look great every time on any device. Using this option you can upload a logo for Retina.
  • Transparency Logo: A transparent logo is a logo in PNG or vector format. They are easy to recognize as the background of the image is invisible unlike other formats like JPEG. Therefore, it is very easy to use a transparent logo to create various parts of your brand. Use this option to upload a transparent lo
  • Transparency logo @2x for Retina: Using this option you can upload a transparent logo for Retina.
  • Favicon: Favicon represents the identity of your website. Upload an image for your site’s favicon icon using this option.
  • Site Logo Text: Enter text here for the site logo. Use this option if you have not uploaded the site logo
  • Logo Padding Top: Adjust the top padding of the logo, using this option.
  • Logo Padding Bottom: Adjust the padding of the logo from the bottom.
  • Header Height: Adjust the height of the header.
  • Header Hight in sticky: Adjust Height of the header is set as sticky.
  • Disable Menu in max-width: Set a maximum width here, to disable the menu when the max-width. limit reached.
  • Sticky Header: Enable this option if you want a sticky header in your site.
  • Show Search on Menu: Enable this option if you want the search icon to be displayed under your header.
  • Show Dropdown Icon: Enable this option to show the dropdown icon for sub-menus.
  • Show top bar in small screen: Enable this option to show top bar on a small screen.
  • Header Menu hover effect: Choose the header menu effect here. We have given 7 types of effects.
  • Header Style: Choose a header style to show on the front end.


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