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Retail Market v1.5.0

= 1.5.0 =
Fix: Fixed Theme check related issues
* forum pagination
* Edit Activity Transparent, #102 Send invites: Alignment
* Pro WC Vendor : dashboard page
* Reports buttons aligment
* dashboard Edit Product page, (#116) product : zoom Button
* Commenting giphy,(#98) Uploading Document
* bb latest update widget
* Dokan : Single and store : Review page
* add dokan single store and review button aligment
* Update Woocommerce template Files
* color scheme all buddypress pages and container width setting
* add bp-profile-completion-widget and User menu on mobile
Fix: fixed Edit activity
Fix: added border style
Fix: updated CSS error issue
Fix: Managed CSS in Buddypress
Fix: BuddyPress support & theme fixes
* Managed UI WC Marketplace support
* vendor product page managed
* Added wc vendor support
* Released: 11 November, 2020

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