WordPress Job Plugins

WordPress job plugins are basically designed to create a website for jobs. Here, the companies will be able to post their job openings and the employees can also look for an appropriate job for themselves. These websites are a great platform for bringing the employers and the employees together in a common platform. 

So, let us have a look at some of the best job plugins of 2022:

#1 WP Job Manager

wp job manager

WP Job Manager is a very popular job listing plugin. It is quite lightweight and allows you to add a job board to your WordPress website. WP Job Manager is a shortcode-based plugin and works well with all popular WordPress themes. It allows you to categorize the job listings as per your choice.

WP Job Manager also provides frontend forms for guest users. The listings can be attached to an email address also. The plugin has extremely developer-friendly code. You will also be able to customize the settings as per your requirements. 

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#2 Simple Job Board

 WordPress Job Plugins

Simple Job Board is a very simple WordPress plugin that is available in different languages. The plugin is extremely lightweight and enables the users to include a job board to your WordPress website. Simple Job Board is easy to use and is also quite extensible.

The job board can be customized to manage different job offers. You will also be able to add job listings to any pages of your website by using shortcodes. Multiple job features can also be added to the job listing. The plugin provides a great opportunity for users to search for jobs.

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#3 WP Job Openings

wp job opening

WP Job Openings is another very simple job listing plugin. It comes with an unlimited number of features. You will be provided with a huge range of job layouts and filter options. The ajax powered listing tool is available. You will also be provided with an Applications Manager tool from where you will be able to manage your jobs.

WP Job Openings also provides you with the custom notifications feature. It is easily flexible and allows you to post your jobs in two different layouts which are grid and list layouts. The plugin will give your users a completely new experience.  

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#4 Jobs for WordPress

jobs for wordpress

Jobs for WordPress allows you to post active jobs that are optimized for Google. It is a very powerful plugin and makes it extremely easy to add different job postings to the company website. The admin will be able to manage all the jobs in a systematic way. 

Jobs for WordPress also ensures that your website ranks higher on popular search engines. You will be able to preview your jobs before listing them. Visitors can easily look for job postings on your website. You can also add different forms for the visitors. Jobs for WordPress is a great plugin for beginners.

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#5 JS Job Manager

 WordPress Job Plugins

JS Job Manager is one of the easiest job board plugins available to us. It is extremely comprehensive and is also easy to use. You will be able to run your own classifieds jobs services on your website. Your employers will be able to advertise their jobs from your website itself.

JS Job Manager comes with over 250 configuration options. 45 shortcodes will also be provided to you. The plugin comes with pre-made registration pages. You will also be provided with an activity log from where you will be able to keep track of all the actions. JS Job Manager also provides you with the option to post your jobs on social media platforms.

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#6 Job Board Manager

Job board Manager

Job Board Manager is another plugin that allows you to create and manage a job site extremely easily. You will be able to create your job board manager within just a few minutes. No complex setup is required in order to work with this plugin. 

Different shortcodes are available using which you will be able to display your jobs on your website. Job Board Manager also allows you to extend its functionality as per your requirement. The jobs can be displayed by means of a variety of shortcodes. An advanced dashboard is also included.

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#7 Job Manager & Career

job manager and career

Job Manager & Career is another very popular job board plugin. It allows you to make different kinds of changes to your job pages without any difficulty. The plugin is both simple as well as well-designed. You will be able to manage your job listings from the dashboard itself. The jobs can be managed simply by copy-pasting the different shortcodes.

You will be able to display various information related to jobs like a job description, job title, job requirements, and so on. Customizations can directly be made from the front end of the website. You will also be provided with tools to backup your data. 

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#8 HireHive Job Plugin


HireHive Job Plugin allows you to post your jobs directly on the WordPress website. You will be able to add or edit jobs as per your choice. It also allows the candidates to easily apply for the job. The plugin helps you to carry out the recruitment process from your website itself.

You will be able to customize the look of your job profile. All the candidates’ profiles will be stored on the database. The jobs can easily be accessed with just a single click of the mouse. You can also put your jobs on popular social media platforms. As soon as a candidate applies for a particular post from your website, they will receive notification about it.

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#9 Jobs Portal

jobs portal

Jobs Portal is another very easy to use job portal plugin. It allows you to easily publish jobs on your WordPress website. The plugin allows the user to search and filter jobs quickly and easily. It allows you to post an unlimited number of jobs. Multiple candidates can apply for a particular job.

The candidate dashboard tool is present from where the candidates will be able to register their CV by putting in necessary details like academic qualifications, work experience, expected salary, etc. The admin dashboard allows the administrator to manage the jobs and the candidates.

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#10 ApplyOnline – Application Form Builder and Manager

Apply Online

apply online is a form builder and manager that allows you to manage your job listing website. The plugin comes with the drag and drops feature using which you will be able to add forms to your WordPress website. ApplyOnline can also be used to publish job ads on your website.

ApplyOnline does not require you to become an experienced developer to design forms for your website. An advanced Application Form Management System is provided.  apply online also works with other popular WordPress plugins.

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So, these were some of the most amazing job plugins which can add extraordinary features to your job website. Use these plugins and create a fantastic website for your users.

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