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Choosing a WordPress membership plugin constitutes a more invested procedure than various kinds of WordPress plugins. Whatever be the plugin chosen by you, plenty of time will be used in configuring it.

The plugin selected by you might possess the finest interface across the world, but a huge load of settings exists that need human input with a subscription site. So while picking a WordPress membership plugin, you wish to choose one which contains all the required features. This avoids a nasty surprise following your spending nearly 10 hours setting up your membership levels and limiting content.

Now, check out the finest WordPress membership plugins to pick the suitable one for you.

# 1 MemberPress

WordPress membership plugins

MemberPress constitutes amongst the simplest to utilize WordPress membership plugins available. It is packed with features and integrates smoothly with WordPress. So you can convert your website into a strong membership site easily.


Simple Setup – You simply need to install the plugin to begin, set up your payment gateways, and include some products. Next, begin inviting people to connect.

Content Restriction – utilize the strength of limited content. Limit user access to posts, pages, categories, custom post types, tags, besides others. Retain control over what can be seen by members on the basis of their membership tier/status.

Integrations – MemberPress combines with common email marketing services like Mailchimp, AWeber, MadMimi, Constant Contact, and GetResponse. You can even combine with BuddyPress for building a platform and Amazon Web Services for building and increasing your business.

Payment Gateways – MemberPess backs both Stripe and PayPal payment gateways. The Pro and Plus Plan also upholds Authorize.net. MemberPress can also be used to enjoy features like coupon generation, content dripping, active pricing and detailed analytics for tracking the efficiency of your membership site.

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# 2 aMember Pro

membership plugin

aMember Pro is another feature-loaded membership plugin built to assist you to design any kind of membership site desired by you. Bear in mind that it isn’t a native WordPress membership plugin (which may lead to a few compatibility issues with your theme and plugins). And despite it’s slightly dated interface, this remedy renders it simple to design a totally functioning membership site.


Multi-Level Memberships – Build unrestricted membership levels, include as many products as you desire, and set active prices for products and memberships for users to select from.

Total Member Management – Manage members in the simple to access the admin panel. Append, delete, or edit clients and their memberships. See detailed reports and perform batch operations, avoiding plenty of time and hassle.

Incorporated Modules – aMember Pro modules contain an email newsletter alternative, affiliate management, helpdesk, and a shopping cart, besides many more.

Automated Procedures – Conserve time by automating client signups. Configure the product and payment gateways to present during the first sign up and allow aMember Pro to accomplish the rest.

aMember Pro also provides features such as access to numerous payment gateways, coupon codes, and content dripping. Moreover, it contains 6 translations for the admin interface as well as the frontend of your site.

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# 3 Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro

Another premium option, Restrict Content Pro is from Pippin’s Plugins. The admin user interaction is well built and accommodates nicely into the look of the WordPress admin area, building a smooth integration on the backend. It is very simple to use and help documentation is displayed across the settings pages to enable you to get started as fast as possible.

On being installed, this plugin affords you the power to limit access to your content in various ways. You can limit access to personal posts on the basis of membership level or utilize categories and tags to limit access.

Other features of Restrict Content Pro consist of:

  • Unrestricted membership numbers
  • Customer dashboard permits your customers to see and handle their account details
  • Create unrestricted subscription package levels
  • Sell an unrestricted amount of digital products
  • Prorated downgrades and upgrades
  • Acknowledge payments with Braintree, Stripe, 2Checkout, PayPal Standard, PayPal Website Payments Pro, and Express
  • Premium updates and support
  • Content dripping, limit access to previous content, restrict available number for membership levels or products, group membership options, besides others
  • 4 pricing plans are available: Personal, Professional, Plus, and Ultimate.

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# 4 Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro

This is a superb option that won’t cost you anything, to begin with. It is a free membership plugin that you can start utilizing right now to limit access to the details on your WordPress site to chosen users. 2 premium options exist for this tool. The premium price schemes will offer you access support like documentation, members-only forums and premium content, but besides that, it’s similar functionality.

A few of the standalone features of the plugin include:

  • Unrestricted membership levels
  • Adjustable pricing and free trial durations for your members
  • Simple payment gateway incorporation
  • Accept recurring memberships
  • Personalize the notification email messages
  • Configure access and subscription levels for separate posts and pages
  • Provide discount codes
  • Edit or substitute the preset plugin pages for login etc.
  • Increase the features with add-ons and free extensions
  • Drip discharge content with time

Whereas Paid Memberships Pro is without the capacity to drip content with time, outside the box, a free add-on has been developed for simply this feature. The plugin has been inaugurated by the PMPro building team and comes from GitHub. Detail about the different free extensions and add-ons can be located on the add-ons page.

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# 5 MemberMouse


MemberMouse constitutes a prime membership and solution for eCommerce, which enables you to design a membership site within minutes. The plugin is designed for non-techies and the site can be set up in a jiffy.

Easily limit or secure your website content employing MemberMouse inbuilt password feature. The MemberMouse plugin renders it simple to offer your product and customize its supply on the basis of membership level, time of membership, referring affiliate besides others.

You can even display what content is present to your members and what will be discharged in the future by a content widget. The plugin offers excellent features known as SmartTags – it permits you to actively show content, upsells, offers, member attributes, downsells, besides others employing easy shortcodes. Place a decision tag on an approval page or thank you page and reveal appropriate products following a purchase.

Different features comprise – self-configuring checkout, client management, exchange anywhere links, international currency, coupons, group functionality, prorated upgrades, sharing auto-lock, social media integration, overdue payment management, secured upgrades, besides more.

It supports seven payment gateways presently. You may also sell digital or physical products, together with keeping a subscription site.

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# 6 WooCommerce Memberships

WordPress Membership Plugins

WooCommerce was launched in June 2015 with great expectations. It is fully packed with features.

This plugin solely deals with control over your subscription website. You’ll get to design easy memberships that provide content in return for a fee or you can join a subscription for the purchase of a particular product. You can even elect to drip detail to members on the basis of tags, categories, particular pages or projects and pages. The plugin can even be joined with WooCommerce Memberships to offer equal management over the content offered during free trials.

Extra features comprise the capacity to build a buying club – visitors are required to be a member prior to completing a purchase. After they’ve signed up you can make them returning by presenting loyalty discounts.

Billing control is also improved as compared to other plugins. When combined with memberships, members maintain absolute control over their personal memberships.

Other features of the plugin include:

  • Limit either seeing of content or buying of products
  • Multiple subscriptions for a single customer is possible
  • Offer unrestricted membership levels
  • Access to a big assortment of payment gateways
  • Complete eCommerce features
  • Capacity to incorporate an affiliate program in your membership structure
  • Prime support and updates for twelve months attached

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# 7 Paid Member Subscriptions

Paid Member Subscriptions


This is a flexible membership plugin for WordPress that will aid you to configure a full-featured subscription site. The elementary plugin is free, but if you wish to unlock features such as content dripping up-gradation to a paid plan is necessary.

Set up this plugin and you’ll get to limit access to your site content by page, tags, post, or categories. You can also try the features on the demo site to obtain a feel of how the plugin operates.

Some of the different features of Paid Member Subscriptions’ comprise:

  • Management of unrestricted members
  • Acknowledge payments with PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Pro, and Stripe
  • Content dripping with timed granting of access
  • Globally limit access to content on the basis of taxonomy, post type, and terms
  • Discount codes for conducting promotions or awarding your members for upgrading their subscription level

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# 8 MagicMembers

WordPress Membership Plugins

If you are seeking a solution that will make you grant an online course, or require a method to drip feed content over time, rather than granting access to your entire premium content to your members at one go, the MagcMembers’ content dripping capacities are high class.

Other excellent features of the plugin include:

  • Incorporation with email newsletters like MailChimp and Aweber
  • Compatibility for multiple payment gateways
  • Payment membership support comprising daily, weekly and monthly, besides others
  • Limiting file access with download manager
  • Serial course delivery concerning content dripping
  • Automated ending email reminders
  • Pay each view for paid access to particular content like videos

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# 9 OptimizePress 2

WordPress Membership Plugins

This landing page builder of WordPress has many features and uses. However, it is noteworthy as it permits you to advance the membership functionality of your WordPress site.

OptimizePress 2 is equipped with many templates particularly involving membership sites and constitutes a wonderful tool for those seeking to optimize their site’s signup pages. The page builder renders it extremely simple to configure and customize the landing pages for your subscription offering, and the membership portal feature of the plugin acts with a selection of membership plugins. If you wish to customize the login forms, sign up pages and subscription lesson and module listings then OptimizePress, utilized in combination with a backed membership plugin matches a potent combination.

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# 10 Wishlist Member Plugin

WordPress Membership Plugins

Wishlist Member is a prime membership plugin that is famous for allowing plenty of control over how your content is limited and made present, and to which members. This also implies that there are plenty of avenues to explore, which can occasionally be perplexing for new users. Nevertheless, plenty of settings and extensive menu systems are frequently the price paid by you for this degree of control over your premium content and membership site.

A few features of the plugin include:

  • Create unrestricted membership levels
  • Easy capacity to conceal or limit individual pieces of content from non-members
  • Serial content supply and auto-updates of membership levels
  • Manages trial, free and paid subscriptions
  • Protected RSS feeds
  • Combines with ClickBank and PayPal
  • Free previews with security following the ‘more’ tag
  • Membership length control with auto-expire
  • Partial content view for securing as slight as a single sentence in a post

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With the top-grade free and premium alternative present, anyone can begin providing limited-access content on their site to their subscribers and members. Whether you wish to create a private community or a prize online course, you should be able to configure your site in a brief period of time utilizing one of these plugins.

Your choice should be governed by how precisely you intend to control your member’s area and the features needed like course delivery, content dripping, user-friendliness, custom landing pages, recurring payments or pay each view access.

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