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WordPress translation plugins allow you to segment different languages.  This will help you to create a multilingual website that will ensure that the contents of your website reach a wider audience. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind while choosing your translation plugin. Your plugin must not slow down the speed of your website. It should also be SEO-friendly.

Here are the 10 best WordPress Translation Plugins of 2022. All these plugins are equally useful. Let us know more about their features and functions. 

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10 Best WordPress Translation Plugins 2022


translation end-to-end user solutions

Being the World’s most precise and much recommended multilingual software, ConveyThis will help your users from any foreign land to purchase products and services with ease from your site. By being the best translation plugin, it helps to be efficient when used. it is one of the end-to-end user solutions that provide a wide range of services to its users. This includes incorporation with WordPress, Shopify, SquareSpace, Wix, JavaScript. Further, it has been added that after quick installation of the plugin, businesses have experienced a hike in 50% of sales in their eCommerce through its versatile range of languages like German, French, Spanish, English, Russian, Arabic, and more.

Further, it is said to offer other features like perfect translation quality, SEO-optimized translation, Fast and reliable translation server, no involvement of coding and thereby giving easy access to the user. being the best linguistic plugin, it also offers to be customizable language switcher.

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Best WordPress Translation Plugins

TranslatePress is a very popular WordPress plugin. It will allow you to have entire control over every translation aspect of your WordPress website. Using TranslatePress, you will be able to translate all your pages and posts from the frontend. You need not have to think about the backend complexity. 

You will be able to translate anything be it your plugins, your meta-data, or even your theme. You will not have to change the interface in order to translate the content of your website. The translations are also not much time-consuming. TranslatePress is also SEO-friendly and will give your website a major boost in search rankings.

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WPML is one of the most popular translation plugins. It is a premium WordPress plugin that will allow you to translate your pages, posts as well as custom post types. The plugin is extremely easy to use. However, it is also recommended that you keep a full backup of your website before you install this plugin on your website.

WPML is compatible with almost all WordPress themes. You can even translate your elements using the drag and drop page builder option. The plugin is SEO-friendly and also works seamlessly on all other popular web browsers. You can use any number of languages. 

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Polylang is another WordPress translation plugin that is used by people from all across the world. Using this plugin, you will be able to create a multilingual WordPress website. You may choose as many languages as you want to. The WordPress language pack will automatically be downloaded to your system.

Polylang works seamlessly with all SEO plugins like All in One SEO and Yoast SEO. The plugin has a lot of interesting features. It has a free as well as a paid version. The free version takes care of all the basic features while the premium version has a number of advanced features. 

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 Multilingual Press 

Best WordPress Translation Plugins

Multilingual Press is one such WordPress plugin that will allow you to run different languages on different websites. It has a language switcher widget that will allow your visitors to choose whichever language they wish to. All you have to do is click on the preferred language option and you will be directed to the proper website.

Multilingual Press has no lock-in which means that even if your plugin is disabled, your data will not be lost. This plugin supports 174 languages and it is also SEO friendly. Multilanguage will translate the content of your website based on the user’s choice.

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xili language

Xili-language is a very powerful WordPress translation plugin. You will be able to download this plugin directly from the official WordPress plugin repository. However, in order to use this plugin, you will have to use a translation-ready theme on your WordPress website. Very few WordPress website themes are translation-ready. This is one factor that you will have to keep in mind before installing this plugin.

Xili-language allows you to create multilingual content for your website. It will also allow you to change your WordPress theme’s language file depending on the language of your content. The plugin is also developer-friendly.

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Google Language Translator 

Best WordPress Translation Plugins

Google Language Translator is a WordPress translation plugin that will allow you to create a multilingual website. Once you have activated the plugin, you will have to go to the setting page of the plugin and activate the plugin’s status. After that, you will have to select the original language of your website and the list of languages in which you want the content of your website to be translated. 

The translation option will be displayed on your main website as a widget. Using these widgets, your users will be easily able to select the desired language. 

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G Translate

g translate

G Translate is another very popular WordPress plugin. This plugin is powered by Google Translate. Using the G Translate plugin, you will be able to translate your website to 300 available languages. The plugin is extremely easy to use and it also allows you to manually carry out translations.

G Translate comes with Google Analytics integration using which you will be able to analyze whether the translations are actually benefiting your users or not. A lot of widgets are available using with the viewers will be able to select their desired language. The premium version is also compatible with all popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and Yoast SEO.

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 Loco Translate

Best WordPress Translation Plugins

Loco Translate is a very widely used WordPress translation plugin. It has over 500,000 active installs from all across the world. Using Loco Translate, you will be able to translate your websites in your browser directly. The plugin is developer-friendly and offers different kinds of language translation to the users.

LocoTranslate is an extremely lightweight WordPress plugin that is also quite easy to use. The plugin will be updated at regular intervals. You will be able to choose from the list of available languages. Loco Translate has three premium plans for you to choose from. The plans are quite affordable.

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Best WordPress Translation Plugins

Multilanguage is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to switch the language and browse the content. This plugin supports over 80 languages. You will also be able to add new languages whenever required. A lot of language switcher widgets are available using with your visitors can choose their default language.

You will be able to translate the contents of your website manually from the post editor option.  Automatic translations are also possible. The plugin is developer-friendly and has a lot of customization options. You will be able to personalize the behavior of the plugin using the easy-to-use API.

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Google Website Translator

Best WordPress Translation Plugins

Google Website Translator is yet another WordPress plugin that will allow you to translate the contents of your website to your desired language. This plugin will let you use shortcodes as well. One of the most important advantages of this plugin is that you will be able to store all the settings in a single database.

Google Website Translator does not use any kind of external files. This makes Google Website Translator one of the fastest WordPress translation plugins. It will allow you to exclude certain sections from being translated. The live preview option will allow you to see what you have translated instantaneously.

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So, these were some of the best translation plugins which are currently trending in the market. Various other similar plugins are also available. Which translation plugin do you think will be the best for your WordPress website?

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