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Create a One Page Site

Step 1: Navigate go to Page → Add New

Step 2: Change from Backend Editor → Classic Mode

Step 3: Find the Page Attributes box on the right side to set your template to One Page Template

one page scroll

Step 4: Choose Add Elementor →  Row

Step 5: Click the “ +”  button to add elementor such as Revolution Slider 5Portfolio feature

Step 6: Hit Row Setting Elementor and Drag widget here.

Step 7: Name the Row ID and click Save Change → Publish or Update

row id 

Step 8: Come to Appearance →  Menus →  Create a new menu

Step 9: Find Custom Links in the left column

one page site 05

Step 10: Fill the URL section by delete http:// and replace by #your row ID in step →  Click Save Menu

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