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Media Uploading

Photo Uploading

What good is an online community without the ability to post photos? In this tutorial, we teach you how to enable media uploading which will allow members to attach photos to their activity posts, groups updates, forum discussions and private messages to each other. Photos can also be organized into albums.

photo min

Document Uploading

You will learn how to enable Documents, allowing members to upload files, move files into folders, and view live previews of various file types. Document uploading is supported in Activity, Profiles, Groups, Messages, and Forums.

doc min

Document File Extensions

You will learn how to configure custom File Types, to enable any file extension to be uploaded using our Documents feature. You can customize the file name and icon, and which file extensions are allowed.

extention min


In digital communication, emojis (also known as emoticons) help communicate the intent of your message with little icons showing facial expressions. Without them the feeling or attitude behind the message can get misinterpreted. They’re also just fun! In this video, we show you how your members can use emojis in their activity posts, messages and forum discussions.

emoji min

Animated GIFs

GIFs allow your members to have fun sharing animated images that express how they feel about a specific topic. In this video, we show you how to enable animated GIFs in activity posts, messages and forum discussions by using the GIPHY API.

animated min

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