Best WordPress Popup Plugins to Get More Email Subscribers

Fed up on trying but failing every time getting more email subscribers? Try the plugins mentioned here and enjoy the freedom of work and cut down the workload. You might have tried every method to improve the subscribers’ aspect but at last, faced failure. This happens because many visitors do not emphasize such pop-ups and move forward. Visitors consider them annoying and disturbing when they show up on your page or website. Try to understand this fact, why they ignore and skip the pop-ups provided on your WordPress Popup Plugins website? The answer to this is simply because those pop-ups are not that attractive and approachable. Try to display these pop-ups in a way that visitors’ may find useful and relative.

Apart from that, if you install this WordPress plugin then you would be able to improve your conversion rates too. Installing popup plugins is a cost-effective method and will eventually reduce the burden on your shoulders. Go through every popup plugin mentioned to better understand which one of them is best suitable for your website. Get more email subscribers now.

Here are 12 WordPress popup plugins that you can install:

1. Elementor

Elementor WordPress Plugin
WordPress Popup Plugins

This plugin has an installation count of two million which makes it a popular WordPress page builder. By using this popup you can turn your popup beautiful and create them quickly. For having full control over your popups choose this plugin and stop searching further.

Key features:

  • You can add some advanced options like buttons, email opt-in forms, and logins forms along with contact forms.
  • Adding registration forms is possible
  • You can also focus on specific pages by using target and trigger options.

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2. Thrive-leads

WordPress Popup Plugins

This plugin falls into the category of powerful WordPress popup plugins. It is possible to create designs of multiple forms to maintain professionalism. Drag and drop features are available with this plugin. It has an inbuilt targeting system that can send relative offers based on tags and posts of users of your page or website.

Key features:

  • It has an advanced A/B split testing technology that targets the users for conversion
  • You will be provided with analytics and insights
  • Widgets, content locking system, etc are available

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3. Bloom Popups

Bloom WordPress Plugin
WordPress Popup Plugins

This plugin follows some advanced tricks which help in displaying multiple pop-ups on different pages of your website.

Key features:

  • Multiple pop-ups on different pages of a website
  • Compatible with social media sites
  • Several options for popup locations, background, and colors are available

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4. Themify Popup

WordPress Popup Plugins

It is free and has an outstanding range of features. Your visitor while leaving the page will watch a popup appearing on the page grabbing his attention.

Key features:

  • Availability of pop-ups for guests, admin, and the pages
  • Timer option available through which you can set time for the popup
  • Over 40 animations which you can select for popup transition

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5. Popup Maker

Popup Maker
WordPress Popup Plugins

Having an online forum for group discussion on issues that are resolved instantly, this plugin also supports Gravity forms and Contact form 7.

Key features:

  • Works effectively on WordPress pages and posts
  • you can easily create popups, EU cookie information, and notices
  • timer option to set time for popup
  • mobile-friendly

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6. Popup Builder

Popup Builder
WordPress Popup Plugins

A free plugin is available for the WordPress popup plugin. Creating and adding a lightbox is possible which can be customized too.

Key features:

  • Uses shortcodes that ease the popup creating process
  • An unlimited number of popups can be created and each one of them can be configured separately
  • You can change the size of the popup

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7. OptinMonster

WordPress Popup Plugins

The popular plugin has a secure platform to create forms on opt-in and that is easily accessible. Hence, boosting your subscription and ultimately results in a higher conversion rate.

Key features:

  • It targets the page and behavior personalization is held
  • It can be used on mobile having around eights kinds of campaigns such as the slide in,
  • popup forms, floating bars, inline forms, etc
  • Users can be categorized based upon their uses or activities

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8. Convert Plus

Popup WordPress Plugin
WordPress Popup Plugins

For creating a stunning and attractive popup for your website, install Convert Plus.

Key features:

  • Form builders are available which can be used with a visual editor to create popup forms
  • It can be imported as well as can be exported
  • Scroll triggers play a vital role which is present

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9. A popup by Supsystic

Popup By Supsytic
WordPress Popup Plugins

It has around 60 built-in templates to create popups. Install this plugin to create an unlimited number of popups.

Key features:

  • Around 15 different kinds of popups are available with this plugin
  • You can find out the popup location and set it accordingly
  • Can be used for designing mobile websites

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10. WP Popup Lite

Responsive Popup Plugin
WordPress Popup Plugins

It is free and has outstanding features. You can also create various popup banners for your website engaging the visitors visiting your website.

Key features:

  • Has 13 pre-installed themed used for creating image popups
  • Customization of popups is possible
  • You can insert pop-ups on each page and select a few of them too

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11. Master Popups

Master Popup
WordPress Popup Plugins

This plugin gives you full authorization to make notification bars, modal popups, and widget popups. You can easily create popups for templates that are present on the website.

Key features:

  • Data saving
  • Approaches the subscribers via email
  • The timing of popups is perfect in the situation of time lapse

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12. Popup Domination

Popup Domination
WordPress Popup Plugins

Install this plugin to track and analyze the results of popups.

Key features:

  • A/B testing is present
  • Trending pop-ups are available to fight competition
  • Google Analytics can be used to track events

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Conclusiononline marketplace with WordPress Theme

The full description of these WordPress popup plugins will help you to decide a better way. You can fight against the competition by installing these plugins on your website. Make the best use out of these free and premium popup plugins now.

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