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Are you looking for the best WordPress quiz plugins for your Site? Quizzes are used to create viral content and generate traffic to your website. They help to get a reader to stay longer on your website and engage with it. It reduces the bounce rate of your site as users stay longer on your site and keep coming back.

 WordPress Quiz Plugins help you in posting a quiz on your website which takes no time and less effort if you’re running your website on WordPress. It generally generates more about social articles than plain and simple which will improve more loyal viewers.

 We have discussed the best quiz plugins for WordPress that will help you engage your users and increase time spent on your site. 

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WordPress Quiz Plugins for 2022

#1. Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker is a free and simple WordPress plugin that helps you to make quizzes easily in a short time. You can make an unlimited number of quizzes for your site with the help of the Quiz Maker wp quiz plugin. You can fully adjust the look of the layout like; alter height and width, changing color, and more.

 You can also set a timer for your quiz by which your quiz will be submitted automatically when the timer ends. This feature is very useful for making an exam or test. It also sports results sheets, supports random questions, and has an option to make it available only to logged-in users.

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 #2. HD Quiz

Hd Quiz

HD Quiz is an awesome and highly responsive WordPress quiz plugin website. It allows you to create unlimited quizzes with as many questions and answers as you need. It is mobile-ready, touch compatible, and has a modern web browser.

Quiz Plugin has features to modify each question, add animations, introduce a quiz timer, and set an image for an answer. It also includes a social sharing function; you can also expect to bring in even more folks interested in taking a quiz. HD quiz is the quickest and simplest WordPress quiz plugin.  Each question can have its own featured image. You can use GIF images to make them more interactive.

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#3. Watu Quiz

watu quiz

Watu Quiz is quick and easy to start WordPress plugins. This plugin is responsive and mobile-friendly. 

Watu Quiz has fully featured exams with data exports, student logins, elaborate grading system, categories, reports, etc. The plugin creates full exams, quizzes, and displays results on completion of the quiz or exam. It allows to award points and grades to every answer and then automatically calculates the total points. The results are displayed on a bar chart that helps to compare the user’s performance against the average general performance.

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#4. Quiz Cat

WordPress Quiz Plugins

Quiz Cat is a free WordPress quiz plugin that helps to create quizzes for your website with an easy-to-use interface. You can create any number of quizzes. It allows you to add images to each question and answer in a quiz.

Quiz Cat allows you to do simple shortcodes to make changes once your quiz is ready to be published. You can easily design the quiz format with a reliable quiz builder and publish it on your website with a simple shortcode. Quiz Cat includes a custom headline, image, and a “Start Quiz” button. Quiz Cat is fully translatable and most of the content is changeable from the frontend and backend both.

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#5. Viral Quiz

WordPress Quiz Plugins

Viral Quiz is a useful WordPress plugin that helps you to create viral quizzes. Viral Quiz is best suited to personality quizzes. If you’re looking for a WordPress quiz plugin that helps you create Buzzfeed-style quizzes that will go viral on social media then this plugin is the best option for you. This plugin provides a tool that asks users to share on social media if they want to see quiz results.

Another thing that I like is that you can use images in both your questions and answers. It provides users an option to choose an image as their answer, instead of only text content. You can easily check analytics to see how the quiz is performing online.

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 #6. WP Quiz

WordPress Quiz Plugins

WP Quiz is the best and the easiest WordPress plugin to create viral content. It is a completely responsive plugin. WP Quiz has helped you to create multiple quizzes in various styles with unique layouts. It has customization tools for changing bar colors, animation effects, font colors, and background colors.

Each quiz has options for adding text, videos, or images. You can create an unlimited number of Quizzes with the WP Quiz plugin, and each quiz is going to be responsive and mobile-friendly. You can also change the background color to match your theme. It includes an incredible number of features and support for adding unlimited quizzes.

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#7. Quiz and Survey Master

WordPress Quiz Plugins

Quiz and Survey Master is a flexible WordPress quiz plugin. It has excellent features and extensive documentation. It supports multiple types of questions, fills in the blanks, and more.

It allows you to create multiple result pages, so you can customize them on the basis of user scores. It includes email support, certificates, leaderboards, hints, comment boxes, and even more features available with paid add-ons.

Quiz and Survey Master includes the largest array of question types of any plugin which gives you a lot of flexibility.

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Go through the list of best Quiz Plugins and select the best one that suits your website the best. These WordPress Quiz Plugins can surely help you take visitors’ engagement on your website a notch higher. 

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