WordPress Clone Plugins

WordPress Clone Plugins are mainly used to clone the content of your website. These plugins are also quite useful if you wish to migrate your website from one host to another. Such clone plugins have various other features as well. They will also take backups of the database of your website.

Here we have brought before you some of the best WordPress Clone Plugins of 2022 

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Best WordPress Clone Plugins of 2022

#1 Clone


WP Clone provides you with the fastest and the easiest way to migrate and clone your website to another hosting server or domain. WP Clone does not require you to give FTP access to the backup files that you wish to migrate. The plugin has a great role to play in reducing the upload time of migration.

WP Clone also helps to increase the security of your WordPress website. The plugin is compatible with all popular WordPress themes. It allows you to take a complete backup of your website for testing purposes.

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#2 Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin


Duplicator is an extremely popular WordPress migration plugin. The plugin allows you to move, clone, migrate or copy your website from one location to another. It is also a backup plugin that allows you to take backups of huge volumes of data

Duplicator experiences zero downtime. Using this plugin, you will easily be able to transfer your WordPress website from one host to another. You will also be able to take manual backups of your website. Duplicator creates a package that consists of all your plugins, themes, and files. You will then be able to migrate or clone the packages quite easily.

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#3 Page and Post Clone

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Page and Post Clone allows you to make a replica of all the posts and pages of your website in a very short time. As a result, you need not have to design your pages starting from scratch. You can clone the pages without causing any damage to the data and styling options.

Page and Post Clone is quite easy to work with. Even a non-technical person will have no problem working with the plugin. You will also face no problem in installing the plugin on any of the popular WordPress themes. 

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#4 Yoast Duplicate Post

yoast duplicate post

Yoast Duplicate Post has been around the corner for quite a while now. The plugin lets you clone any pages or posts on your website. You will also be able to make any kind of changes to the pages and posts by saving them as drafts. A copy of the posts will be created within seconds.

The plugin is really fast in its approach. The users will be able to install this plugin on any popular WordPress theme. You will also be able to clone the pages and posts from the frontend itself by making use of the template tags.

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#5 WP Post Page Clone

wp post page

WP Post Page Clone is a very popular plugin that lets you duplicate the content of your website using just a click of the mouse. All the settings and options can be cloned within a few seconds. The plugin is completely beginner-friendly and requires no technical knowledge.

WP Post Page Clone is cross-browser compatible. It works well on all popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. The plugin works very fast and does not slow down the speed of your website.

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#6 Migrate Guru: Migrate & Clone WordPress Free

WordPress Clone Plugins

Migrate Guru lets you a clone and migrate your website within a very short while. The plugin enables you to carry out difficult migration operations extremely easily.  All the processes are carried out on it’s own server. This imposes on risk your WordPress website.

Migrate Guru is capable of rewriting the URLs automatically. The one-click migration option is available. The plugin makes sure that your website does while you are carrying out your migration operations. You need not require any add-on in order to work with this plugin.

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#7 NS Cloner – Site Copier

WordPress Clone Plugins

NS Cloner is the easiest way of cloning your WordPress website. The plugin allows you to create configured websites on multi-site networks. You will be able to take up any existing WordPress website and clone it to a completely new website. The newly created website is a complete replica of the original one.

NS Cloner makes sure that the cloning process is carried out in a completely secure way. You will also be able to make changes to the new website as per your requirements. However, this plugin will only work on WordPress multisite websites. 

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#8 WP Staging – DB & File Duplicator & Migration

WordPress Clone Plugins

WP Staging lets you create an exact copy of your original website. The cloned website will be stored in a folder. The plugin performs extremely well on small shared hosting servers as well. The entire database will be closed in the background. 

WP Staging also ensures that your website is cloned in a highly secured way. The plugin is extremely easy to use. You will be able to customize the settings by using the Gutenberg editor. The migration process takes place at an extremely fast speed. WP Staging is also SEO-friendly.

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#9 Sidebar Content Clone

WordPress Clone Plugins

Sidebar Content Clone is a free plugin that allows you to clone the widgets of your WordPress website. You will be able to copy the widgets from one sidebar to another with just a few clicks of the mouse. All you need to do is click on the Clone Widget button and you are good to go.

Sidebar Content Clone is cross-browser compatible. It will load smoothly on all popular web browsers. The plugin is also translation-ready. You can install this plugin on any popular WordPress theme.

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#10 Wp Clone any post type

WordPress Clone Plugins

Wp Clone any post type lets you make a copy of any of the posts on your WordPress website. You will be able to save your posts as drafts so that you can make changes to them before posting them once again. You can create as many copies of your posts as you want.

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Wp Clone allows you to alter the settings quickly and easily. Multiple posts and pages can be cloned simultaneously. The plugin is currently being used by thousands of WordPress users.

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And this was all about it. You can choose any of these clone plugins to clone the content of your website. If you have any other WordPress clone plugins in mind, do let us know of them.

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